Diane Nelson-Frank

About Me

Diane Nelson-Frank holds a license for massage therapy in the state of New York. Hands to Health Massage Therapy was her dream that has become a reality.  Diane graduated from the University of Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education as well as a Masters of Education.  Her experience and studies in body movement have made the transition to massage therapy a natural progression.

Diane has received massages for years and knows first hand, the benefits that come with massage.  Sharing the benefits of massage with others is her passion.  Utilizing a variety of techniques, Diane can help clients reduce soreness from daily activities, deal with chronic pain, or just provide an hour of relaxation.  Her goal is to enhance her clients’ lives through touch.

Massage Therapy modalities that Diane uses in her practice include: Swedish massage, passive and active stretching, Myofascial techniques, Hot Stone massage and Cupping.